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Wednesday, 22 October 2008 00:00

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Image 3 Sithonia has a wild beauty with never-ending beaches (organized and not) totally different from the rest of Chalkidiki. In Sithonia the pine trees emerge between the rocks, and this beautiful hodgepodge ends to the sea (beach of Pitaka). The area is mountainous with thick and inaccessible forests, and steep slopes that created isolated little harbors accessible only by boat. Five kilometers away from Gerakini is the settlement of Psakoudia that is full of life during the summer. Next is the village of Ormilia, 3 km. away from the sea and known for its vegetable and fruit production. While a bit away is Metamorfosis with the homonymous feast on 6th of August.

Right after starts the area of Nikitis (32 km.) with a lot of accommodations, settlements, taverns as well as the port. On the crossroads of Nikitis, you can go west to the organized, and not, beaches and to the camp sites, while you can follow the road further to reach Neos Marmaras (45 km.) Neos Marmaras is the biggest town of the area. It will remind you of an island village with its 4 ports and all the uphill and downhill paths. There is also a large market for your shopping, taverns and nightlife that will satisfy everyone. After Neos Marmaras you can reach the resort of Porto Karras with the casino and its famous wineries. A short walk you can do is through the pine tree forest with the paths leading to isolated beaches until Toroni where the ancient castle still stands inside the sea. After Toroni is Porto Koufo, a fishing village with a natural bay that creates a natural shelter. The village of Sarti with the view to the island of Limnos is next, and to the direction of the inland is the village of Sikia. There, is the east side of the “leg”, and if you return from that area you can reach a lot of camp sites (Armenistis, Kalamitsi) with beautiful beaches (Kavourotripes), and crystal clear blue waters. The settlement of Vourvouros and the fishing village of Ormos Panagias is next, where are the boats for tours around the peninsula of Athos. Right after is the “Trani Ammouda” a 5 km. long beach, and in the inland the village of Agios Nikolaos that leads to the crossroads of Nikitis.