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Athos – Agion Oros

Thursday, 23 October 2008 00:00

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Image 2 At the third peninsula from the west – or the first from the east side if you’d like – is located the monastic community of Agion Oros. Nea Roda Is the village where Xerxes built a canal for his fleet, since he was unable to pass the cape of Athos. The port of Tripitis 2 km. , has frequent transportation with the beautiful island of Ammouliani. The village of Ouranopoli – with its tower as main feature - is the last frontier with the outside world, from then on starts the monastic community of Athos. The peninsula ends at the impressive, wild and inhospitable Mount Athos, at an altitude of 2.033 meters.

At the “feet” of Athos, there are 20 monasteries as well as a lot of cloisters and cells. In the “Garden of Virgin Mary” as it is called, is located the sacrosanct, not to be entered or trespassed by every woman. The first monastery, Megisti Laura, was built in 963 A.D. by Agios Athanasius o Athonitis with the help of the emperor of Istanbul, and since then there is a special legal status, and a distinctive lifestyle in the peninsula. There are daily cruises and boats for tours around Athos.