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The prefecture of Chalkidiki consists of three peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.


As a center of attraction of a lot of visitors, Chalkidiki has unique nature with isolated bays, crystal clear sea, beautiful islets and villages with remarkable traditional architecture. It combines mountain and sea, tranquility with wild nightlife, ancient history and modern lifestyle. Every city has its own history and glory.

Despite the large number of tourists, the visitor can enjoy tourism of all kinds. Cosmopolitan beaches are waiting for you to explore them. The sun, sea and the natural beauties have been combined harmonically in the peninsula of Chalkidiki, southeast of Thessaloniki.

The extensive road network of the prefecture is being improved, and can lead you to the whole county of Chalkidiki, from the coasts to hilly sides. In the wonderful beaches, where sports become fun, and to the developed tourist facilities, you can add the archaeological treasures and the historical monuments.

Every village has its own history, from the age to the ancient, from the Byzantine period to the modern times.

Kassandra is the western peninsula of Chalkidiki. It is one of the most famous locations of Chalkidiki, with developed tourist facilities, and it has to offer a lot to the visitor, both in the cultural and the tourism sector.

It is a paradise world, with never-ending beaches and pine tree areas that reach the turquoise sea. The beautiful pure scenery seems undisturbed by the modern life, with the rich lush vegetation and the transparent waters creating a magnificent show.

The development of the tourism has promote the creation of well-organised tourist facilities, luxurious hotels and a lot entertainment centers that offer a wonderful environment of holidays that can be enjoyed by travelers from Greece as well as visitors from all over the world, that come to admire the true beauty of Greek nature.